Laser Skin Resurfacing/Chemical Peels

As time passes our skin shows inevitable signs of aging.  Multiple fine lines and wrinkles will develop.  Additionally, the skin will begin to sag and droop giving a tired or aged appearance.  We also see dyschromias that will develop as the skin ages.  These are the dark brown spots or age spots that most people develop throughout their lives.  

Our laser resurfacing and chemical peels provide us with the ability to reduce the fine lines and wrinkles as well as reduce or get rid of the sun/age spots.  They work by removing the superficial layers of skin in order to achieve new more youthful appearing skin. This treatment of the skin ranges from light to medium to deep.  The depth of the treatment differs for patients and will be determined by Dr. Hammond during your consultation.

woman perfil


6 weeks after laser resurfacing with eyelid surgery

befroe and after woman face wrinkles

4 months after a facelift and laser ablation


6 months after laser resurfacing



Before and after a single treatment of laser resurfacing.


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