Facelift (Rhytidectomy)

Restoring The Face & Neck

A woman with directed lines on her faceFacelift surgery, also referred as a “rhytidectomy,” is one of the most common procedures that Dr. Hammond does to rejuvenate the face. Nothing matches the ability of a facelift to make the face look more youthful and refreshed.

The goal of a face/neck lift is to reduce and even get rid of the excessive sagging and wrinkling of the skin.

This surgery was once thought to be only for older people. However, more and more we do facelifts on people in their 30’s and 40’s.

The procedure is done in office with IV Sedation or General Anesthesia. Most patients are at home resting by noon. With advancing technologies, the surgery cost has become much more reasonable.

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A patient's neck before and after a facelift

The above patient had a lower face/neck lift in our office. Notice how the excessive skin and banding on the neck are now gone.

A middle-aged woman before and after a facelift
This patient had a lower lift. Notice how the sagging skin and jowls are now gone. Also, she looks very natural and not stretched.

Types of Face Lifts

Side views of people with different amounts of sagging neck skin

One facelift is not for every person. As seen in the pictures above, the amount of sagging skin dictates which facelift procedure is done. The patient on the left would need a mini or “weekend lift.”

The middle has moderate aging and is a candidate for a “mini/moderate lift” and the patient on the right has more aging and would require a “traditional facelift” for optimal surgical rejuvenation.

Dr. Hammond talks with all of his patients about the different types of facelifts available and what he thinks will give you the best result.

At what age should I have a lift?

This question is really answered by you. If you are constantly pulling your skin back in the mirror to see how you once looked, you’re probably ready. As mentioned above, quick/mini lifts are done as early as your mid 30’s and early 40’s.

Sometimes during your consultation, Dr. Hammond will recommend something other than a facelift to help rejuvenate your face.

Dr. Hammond will help guide your decision on what is the best option for optimal facial rejuvenation.

A woman looking at herself in a mirror and touching her face

How does a facelift work?

First of all, the facelift procedure is much simpler than it was a generation ago. As for the anesthesia, patients are relieved to know that their facelifts can be performed with light IV anesthesia.

Dr. Hammond is very meticulous with his incision design in order to hide these incisions. He prides himself on giving you a natural and not stretched look.

A line showing the length of the incision for a mini/small facelift

The length of the incision made for a mini/small lift.

A line showing the length of the incision for a traditional facelift

The length of the incision for a more traditional lift where more skin removal is necessary.

Ear of a woman who has had a facelift

The above patient had a facelift in our office. It is very difficult to even see the scar. Also notice that the earlobe is not stretched and looks very natural (a sign of a poorly done lift).

Reducing Fat Deposits Under The Chin

With age, banding in the front of the neck often will develop. Additionally, fat tends to accumulate under the chin.

During the facelift surgery, Dr. Hammond addresses both of these problems. Liposuction will reduce the fat and smooth the neck appearance. Additionally, the platysma is modified and sewn together getting rid of the band appearance of the neck.

Woman with direction arrows on her face and neck

Side view of a patient before and after a facelift

The above image shows the dramatic changes that can be seen when Dr. Hammond tightens the aging platysma muscle, performs a submentoplasty, and liposcupture.

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