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The Answer to Rewinding Time

Dermal Fillers:

While growing older is a part of life in which we have no control over, facial aging can be stalled with various cosmetic procedures. Facial fillers are a common procedure we offer at Northwest Valley Oral and Facial Surgery. Years ago, if you wanted to diminish wrinkly, saggy skin, facelifts were the only option available. However, with today’s technology, dermal fillers can be injected into the face resulting in similar younger looking skin without needing to go under the knife. When it comes to facial fillers, Dr. Hammond has had years of experience working with Botox fillers. In fact Dr. Hammond is one of the largest solo injectors of Botox Cosmetics in the Northwest Valley. He is a Gold Level Partner with Botox Cosmetic indicating the high volume of Botox done by Dr. Hammond.

What is Botox?

Botox® is an injection for facial wrinkles that is used for aesthetic treatments to effectively reduce the appearance of unwanted wrinkles, contour and create volume, and to revitalize the skin. They augment deep creases and replace structure immediately and can last up to a year for many of our patients. Few treatments are able to produce the impressive results achieved with Botox®.

Why Should I Choose Botox?

Botox is truly a lunchtime procedure it is difficult to beat the quick results and quick visit time for the injection procedure. The effects of Botox® can begin between 24-72 hours after the first injection and can last for an average of 4 to 5 months. Regain confidence during your lunch hour with lasting results!

Where Can Botox Be Used?

•Lip augmentation

•Cheek Augmentation

•Laugh Lines, also known as Parenthesis Lines

•Worry Lines, also known as 11s between the brows
The results of dermal fillers will leave you with volumized and younger looking skin, plump lips, as well as diminished facial creases. If you think dermal fillers are right for you, contact us to book an appointment with Dr. Hammond, who will discuss whether Botox® is right for you!

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